choose a real estate agent

Top reasons why you should choose a real estate agent

The internet is full of articles, blogs all of which give you all sorts of wise advice on how to make your property worth more, how to work on it being cleaner and clutter free and even serving you tips on how to sell it fast and successful. But the fact of the matter is, that no one can do this job better than a person who is used to doing this job for a long time. This time around we would like to give you some key reasons on why you should stick with a real estate agent instead of going for it on your own.

Top reasons

1. The real estate business is a hard business:

There are tons of properties, lots of competition and the prices vary according to tons of different factors only professionals know about. In order for you to learn all this, it takes years of learning and other years to practice. A local real estate agent will know instantly

  • how much your home can be sold for
  • how much it’s really worth
  • what can be improved and how
  • what things need to be renovated and how
  • all the legal matters which you must count with when you sell your house fast. This includes taxes, communal fees, utility fees and any other costs.

2. A professional knows how to best advertise your property and to whom

It’s not enough just to advertise a property. You need to find a target audience. A home can be perfect for the following:

  • Those who look for a healthy switch from city to the suburbs
  • Those who look for a house with a garden
  • Couples who look for their first home
  • Families who look for a secure and warm place to call it home
  • For singles who look for a first home.

Statistics show that it is way more successful to advertise to a specific targeted crowd than in general. And real professional agents are well aware of that. They will do their very best to find the best target audience for your property.

3. They know where to advertise

Real pros know all well how to effectively use the current media to get an advertisement seen by the target audience and this is a huge extra.

4. They know who is to pay and who won’t

It takes tons of experience to distinguish a fake potential buyer from a real one. But real pros have no problem seeing this. Fake buyers can eat up tons of energy for nothing. Therefore they are not worth the time. Real estate agents know this and will concentrate on serious buyers.

5. They know all the real estate laws, regulations

And can provide with all the necessary paperwork for the transaction (or if not, they can get these from elsewhere) they can also help you pay out credit institutes before a potential home repossession would happen.

6. They save you tons of time, energy and save you from lots of stress

This requires no explanation. You will be freed from most of the hassle of selling a home. And this is worth gold, especially if you have a job and a family to look out for.